About Open Source Artistry

Photo by Terry MunIntroduction

Open Source Artistry is a blog site where art and media professionals can teach each other new skills while helping students and amateurs expand their knowledge.  Have you ever wanted to learn a new technique?  Have you ever wanted to hear how an artist or craftsperson achieved success?  At Open Source Artistry, you’ll get lessons, insight, and commentary from professionals working in their respective fields.

There’s no membership fee to be a part of the Open Source Artistry community.  You’re welcome to browse anonymously or register a user name so you can comment on articles and post questions for the writers.  To learn more about Open Source Artistry’s writers, please visit the Authors page.

Why Is It “Open Source” Artistry?

Many of you have no doubt heard of open source software. What makes it “open source” is the fact that you, as the user, have permission to change and adapt the software for your own needs. In the same spirit, the professionals on this site will teach you new filmmaking skills, outline PHP and CSS code, suggest writing exercises, and even give you weaving and knitting patterns—all for you to use, change, and adapt as you see fit.

Students and Teachers

If you’re a teacher, we encourage you to use this site in your classroom, whether that means visiting the site during class or printing out the articles so your students can take them home.

If you’re a student, we look forward to helping you learn more about the arts. If you have any questions or specific requests for future articles, please feel free to register so you can submit a comment at the bottom of any article.