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Knitting Pattern: Bowtie Scarf

Photo by Alma BaumwollINTERMEDIATE

Size: 13 circular needles
Yarn: 80 yards
One stitch holder

This scarf has two tapered ends and loops through itself making a bowtie effect. It’s warm, comfortable, doesn’t get in the way, closes that gap at the top of your jackets, and fits easily in a bag for those cool early spring evenings. Most of the complexities of this pattern are in the decreasing within an established pattern and moving/picking up stitches to and from stitch holders.

For those of you who like pictures, this is the basic shape and approximate dimensions:

Bowtie Scarf Diagram


This pattern is written for size 13 needles. I suggest circular needles because there are frequent transitions from needles to holders and this allows you to ignore which side you’re starting.

I have also made this pattern successfully on size 10 needles/27 stitches and size 15 needles/21 stitches (3 more rows of decrease at tapering for size 10 needle pattern).

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